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Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce to you Dream Girls Apps an upgrade from Dream Girls which has been up and running since 2007 and we're now planning to move forward here on Dream Girls!

Your Prime membership along with the Username you've been using on Dream Girls! Has been moved over to Dream Girls Apps. When log into Dream Girls Apps use the username you've been using on the  old Dream Girls site.

Plus the old Dream Girls site will be sending out a temporary password to each and every Prime user that can be used to log into the new site Dream Girls Apps.

All of Dream Girls pre-existing services like our Subliminal MP3’s and eBooks for training girls in submission and obedience will be carried over to the new site Dream Girls Apps accessible by all existing paid Prime members.

All the following eBooks have been newly updated in training girls step-by-step!

Try out Dream Girls Apps all new forum and private messaging with fellow site users like yourself to see what we have to offer you.

Paid Prime members will be entitled to Dream Girls exclusive Apps capable of running in web browser with nothing to download.

Dream Girls first App is our female voice, Amber a Text To Speech Recorder which can be used to create all your audio scripts.  Now after you've created the audio script and read our updated eBooks showing everything you need to know, to record yourself a Subliminal MP3 for training your girl in submission and obedience.

But that's not all we've come up with a whole new method for recording the Subliminal MP3 using our Subliminal Recorder App which has been showing good results.

For the past few months, we've had successful beta testing for our new Subliminal MP3's and will be ready to bring them to Dream Girls Apps all new download directory sometime this month.  I'm still preparing the files for upload but all be keeping you updated as they become live on the new download directory.

What will be done with the old Dream Girls site?

Will be keeping Dream Girls existing download directory and forum fully functional at the same time you'll be able to log into Dream Girls Apps to give the new forum a try!

And we will be keeping the old Dream Girls site as an archive website for its blog and forum...

Along with the exclusive Apps we carry the all-new Dream Girls Apps a whole new site in beta with new and expanding features.

But that's not all coming soon is the following,

Subliminal MP3 Player App - This App will allow you to run all of your Subliminal MP3 audio files playable in any web browser whether it's on your computer or any mobile device.

More updates coming soon,


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