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Hello Everyone,

I've finished uploading all of the Subliminal MP3's to the Submissive Girls download directory which is located on the right-hand side of the site for easy access.

Mind Control Subliminal Downloads

Girlfriend Subliminal Downloads

Wife Subliminal Downloads

Slave Girl Subliminal Downloads

Maid Subliminal Downloads

Pet Girls Subliminal Downloads

Adult Entertainment Subliminal Programs

Self-Help Subliminal Downloads

Now the all new Subliminal MP3's have been remastered using the new and improved Amber Text To Speech female voice for recording all the Scripts to be used in creating the Subliminal MP3's.

I also like to take this time to introduce the (Spa Music) making it the 5th Music selection.

While listening to the following Spa Music, Little Bird, Rain, Ocean Waves and one other is a barely unnoticeable background we call silent a new age method the Subliminal MP3's play unnoticed subconsciously teaching her to become the dream girl you've always wanted.

Further update we've taken: Animal Subliminal Programs and renamed it: Pet Subliminal Programs.  All the programs here are the same we just renamed the category!

As for the Self Mind Control Subliminal Programs I use to have this Subliminal up as one whole Subliminal program but I'm planning on updating the Script into (3) whole new Subliminal programs.

I use to run this Subliminal, Self Mind Control on myself a few years ago so I could learn how to control my thoughts and have more of a positive outlook on life, not that I hadn't already but I wanted more!

I still have some of these teachings with me as of today but this new version will be a lot better.

Self Mind Control My Mind (Part 1) - About controlling my mind and thoughts...

Self Mind Control Enjoy Life (Part 2) - About being positive...

Self Mind Control Goals (Part 3) - About setting goals for myself...

The (Self Mind Control) is a subliminal program that just about anyone can use.

And I'm not done with the new Forum yet. I still have to install a full Search for the forum and install further updates for the homepage and forum layouts.  I've listened to some feedback and I plan to make these changes soon.

Submissive Girls as a website isn't complete yet we still have a long way to go!

Stay tuned,


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