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Hello everyone,

Okay by now I think we've all seen the latest changes to Dream Girls here and there over the past few days.

But let me insure I've always had Dream Girls best interest at heart since I started this site back in 2007.

This past week I've started on redoing most of Dream Girls silent subliminal downloads and the recording of the new, Ocean Breeze music for each program.

And sometime in April will see a new members area system making it easier to browse and yes will be bringing back Inbox

Messages as well.

The members area will come first and messages soon to follow along with chat rooms sometime this year :)

Dream Girls site content has been updated and now offering all three memberships for only $260 with the option of upgrade.

$69.95, Silver Membership can still be paid for separately a onetime payment and $1 more to cover a merchant fee.

Plus side the forum is spam free!

Looking forward to April,


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