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Hello everyone,

I want to take this time to thank all those who've been supportive of Dream Girls in the past and what we have planed for the future. When I do launch the new beta version of Dream Girls I won't pull the existing website until we have all the bugs worked out in the system.

What's going to happen is we'll be testing the new forum and an improved Members Area directory based on current setup for downloading subliminal programs but better.

And besides the forum a whole new Messages and inbox setup for users to correspond with one another privately. Along with the testing of our new Subliminal MP3 Player APP that will accessible through web browser.

Oh yes, and I believe all have the new Text To Speech APP ready for testing as well at the time of the beta launch...

As for my story the rewriting of Molly The Puppy Girls is also going well plot is the same as I've had it before. The story it's going to be about an 18-teen year old girl who's going to be auctioned off and sold to a guy who'll put her through puppygirl training... All have more to share on this later when the story is ready for release.

All keep you all posted on what's happening so stay tuned to for further updates in February 2017 :)

Happy New Year 2017,


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