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Greetings everyone,

Due to certain reasons I have decided to discontinue the name 'Dream Girls Me' and go with iCourtney for our new community forum. will continue catering to the discussions of online entertainment and the training of self-loving and obedient dream girls.

And you can still find me on 'The Office' at and you can post in the forum if have any questions.

Sometime in 2023, when the new development is ready I plan on releasing a new version of the iCourtney forum app.  This will be an improvement compared to what we are currently using for all our message board discussions.  However a Dream Girls facelift will be released sometime this week before we move into: RED OCTOBER 2022!

Further news... Back when I announced the release of 'Dream Girls Me' I was talking about Twitter, which I've been keeping a close eye on. And all the past tense talk about the hostile takeover of 'Twitter' conducted by Elon Musk has fell through... Honestly I'm not all that surprised since I consider Twitter a waste of time and money!  When the followers of the supposed President of the United States are 50% bots, something is terribly wrong!!!

I now have reason to believe that 'Twitter' and 'Facebook' are involved in human-trafficking and these social networks openly support such actions and I cannot support this.  Mark Zuckerberg is in favor of this, and it also appears that he interfered in the 2020 election.  When you use these platforms, please keep that mind.

iCourtney is now the new home of Dream Girls message boards for online discussions...

We will be embracing to its fullest as an independent forum platform moving forward!

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If have any questions or need anything I'll be around,


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mrhornydevil · September 28, 2022 at 7:58AM
Actually FB is the converted C_A LifeLog... MZ is part of them (asset).