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Hello everyone,

Okay I like to thank all those again who help with the beta testing of the new forum :)  We got some interesting feedback that will help us make improvements but the next forum release won't be for a few months.

We still need to workout a few bugs and add features you guys want!

However where ready to release the new Messages feature for testing. What make's Messages better?

This private messaging is a whole lot different from what Dream Girls used in the past and it's website friendly so it won't drag down the system.

And we just upgraded the Members Area making it easier to view subliminal files after a user clicks on categories.  The Members Area is doing great and it's light-weight software that uses every little bandwidth.

At long last we just upgraded Dream Girls new look adding graphics. We won't be redesigning the website again anytime soon but you may notice a few updates to the existing design down the road.

Now I know I've been changing a lot of this site, this year and most of you like habit forming routines but I'm trying to keep things updated and user friendly since this is a membership site :)

Subliminal Uploads is still in testing mode awaiting release. My server tech is working on fixing a bug for related to uploading files.

Coming up next is Dream Girls new subliminal releases,

Sex Toy - Subliminal

In Charge - Subliminal

Also working on a new Dream Girls story idea about a maid.

Good day,


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