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Hello everyone,

Dream Girls is pleased to introduce the Ultimate Companion an all-new mind control series that we've been beta testing for the last few months showing promising results in helping to train a dream girl.

We have combined ‘Mind Control’ techniques and ‘Subliminal Messages’ together creating what we would like to call a ‘Mind Control Subliminal’ program that can be used for training just about any girl into becoming a loving and faithful dream girl.

The Unltimate Companion is a one-of-a-kind series with three carefully scripted ‘Mind Control Subliminal’ programs that can be recorded with your (Full Name) incorporated into the subliminal messages you can use for training your girlfriend, wife, or even a slave girl into becoming a loving, faithful and obedient dream girl who will want nothing more but to make you happy.

The Unltimate Companion 

And what we have come up with is the following three programs,

1. I Love You – Mind Control Subliminal

Do you desire your one dream girl who doesn’t react the way you’d like her to? Maybe she doesn’t love you in the way you love her or maybe you’d simply like to strengthen her devotion to you. The ‘I Love You – Mind Control Subliminal’ can help you mold the girl you desire into the perfect girl for you. After listening to the ‘Mind Control’ she’ll want nothing more than to fall in love with you...

2. I am Faithful – Mind Control Subliminal

When your dream girl listens to the ‘Mind Control Subliminal’, she will become devoted and faithful to you. She will prove her loyalty by doing anything and everything for you...

3. I Belong to You – Mind Control Subliminal

Hearing your full name repeatedly in the devastating program ‘I Belong to You – Mind Control Subliminal’, will produce the willing desire within your dream girl to become something that will forever belong to you...

If you have any questions I'll be around,


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