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Hello everyone,

Dream Girls is pleased to announce the Members Area is online!

When you login you'll see the new system for Silver, Gold and Platinum members where you can download fresh content only available to paid members.

This one of a kind Members Area took us three months to design and code.  And another three weeks just to upload all of Dream Girls digital files but worth the time and money.

All subliminal (Silents) downloads were re recorded and every subliminal (Ocean Breeze) has been recorded for Silver Members.

And now we revised the Submissive thoughts scripting for the wife, slave girl, girlfriend, employee and under owner which includes re recordings for Silents, Rain Music and the additional Ocean Breeze...

Submissive thoughts wife – Subliminal

Submissive thoughts slave girl – Subliminal

Submissive thoughts girlfriend – Subliminal

Submissive thoughts employee – Subliminal

Submissive thoughts under owner – Subliminal

I wanted to add a few new lines to these submissive thoughts scripts :)

Anyways since this new Members Area is one of its kind, it is in live beta! Gold members can share beta feedback on the forum if they wish but remember this is version 01....

Securing Dream Girls future,


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