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Hello everyone,

I have some good news for everyone!

Okay first I have great news about Dream Girls new membership system.  I'm talking Silver Membership and Gold Membership.

What's the difference right?

While Silver Membership is the standard access to unlimited subliminal downloads and our training ebooks which include reading our subliminal scripts.

We plan to have a subliminal script software based e-Book ready sometime next month :)  It will be easier to handle from what users have to download now.

I just like to have nice things you understand and my girl she's one of them :)

Okay the Gold Membership will give you access to everything said above and this membership will show you how to, Create your own Subliminal MP3?s within minutes, using your PC!

A Private Forum for Gold Members Only :)  It's a nice little forum and we enjoyed installing it.

Alright the following new Converter subliminal programs are on there way into the Members Area.

Get the Gold Membership for only $109 a onetime payment for full access.  But it get's better if you only have Silver Membership, but what if you want to upgrade for only $40 from Silver to Gold a onetime payment.

Rain Music Converter - Subliminal
Silent Converter - Subliminal
I am a Cat - Subliminal
I am a Cow - Subliminal
I am a Slave - Subliminal
I am Dominant - Subliminal
My Keeper  - Sledgehammer

New Maid Programs coming soon!

Oh, where still fixing up the Gold Members Area so bare with us please :)

By the way I want to thank all members for helping me make Dream Girls new subliminal download system a wonderful tool!

Say for those who purchased a membership and eBooks on creating your own subliminal MP3's ?  Dream Girls has something special in mind for you :)

We know who you are so just email us if your interested :)

Have a great weekend all,


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