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Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce to you Dream Girls new and improved music Ocean Waves and Bird Songs which will eventually replace the current Ocean sounds and what we call Little Bird with these new nature sounds.

That will replace all the existing subliminal programs in the Members Area.

But for now we'd like to release the following three new programs for the Girlfriend Subliminal Programs,

1. I am a Good Girlfriend - Subliminal

Use this subliminal program she will want to be a good girl for you.

She will learn to obey you.

She will accept that you are in charge.

She will learn that her place is at your side.

Most of all she will learn to please you.

2. Marrying My Boyfriend - Subliminal

Using this simple subliminal program will give her the idea of wanting to marry her Boyfriend, which is you.

She will want her Boyfriend to become her Husband.

She will want to make her Boyfriend happy.

3. Move in with your Boyfriend - Subliminal

Using this simple subliminal program will give her the idea of wanting to move in with her Boyfriend.

And an all new Mind Control series,

The Mind Control series is a group of subliminal programs recorded for the following girlfriend, wife and slave girl using the terms boyfriend, wife and Master in the subliminal messages...

1. My Boyfriend is My Identity - Subliminal

2. My Husband is My Identity - Subliminal

3. My Master is My Identity - Subliminal

Using this subliminal program you will be able to mold your girl's identity into the ideal dream girl.

She will devote her time to you.

She will give herself to you.

She will see you as part of her identity.

She will learn to accept that you're apart of who she is.

All recorded in the following silents, rain and the all new ocean waves and bird songs.

Exciting things are about to happen here at Dream Girls!

Stay tuned,


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