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Hello everyone,

So who's trick or treating? this year lol

First off Dream Girls released a mew story called Halloween Teens only a few weeks ago.  If you like freaky tales this story is for you!

Anyways where treating you all to two new programs and one of them is a triplet subliminal we like to call, Decision Maker!

My Decision Maker - Boyfriend Subliminal

My Decision Maker - Husband Subliminal

My Decision Maker - Master Subliminal

Having her listen to the Decision Maker she'll learn that it is you who make's all her decisions.  You will be able to control her within time but remember go slow and respect her.

And for adult animal lovers,

I am a Cow - Subliminal

This program will give her the confidence the idea of wanting to become a human cow. She will want to be a cow. She will to be a good cow. This subliminal program should only be used if the girl's only future is being an animal.

For November will be looking at a new sledgehammer for training girls further in being obedient for men!

Happy Halloween,


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