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Hello everyone,

Dream Girls is pleased to announce the release of the newest subliminal programs for the paid Prime members area.

What I have for you is the following,

A Good Wife - Subliminal can be found here,

Marry Me - Subliminal can be found here,

Slavery is My Life - Subliminal can be found here,

And bringing back the, Happiness series positioned under the whole new, Mind Control Subliminal Programs category.

My Boyfriend's Happiness - Subliminal

My Husband's Happiness - Subliminal

My Master's Happiness - Subliminal

Now in the following Girlfriend Subliminal Programs, Wife Subliminal Programs and Slave Girls Subliminal Programs you'll find a subcategory folder called [By title] Mind Control Programs.

And the existing subliminal program, (I Will Love Honor and Obey - Subliminal) will be moved under these appropriate Mind Control categories.

I'm sure this will help even things out :)

We'd also like to release Dream Girls newest story: Sierra The Little Maid Story

Sierra The Little Maid is a worth wild tale about a pretty 18-teen year old girl who's taken and trained through the use of hypnosis and subliminal messages.

Taken into a new life she becomes her Master's maid.

Molly The Puppy Girl story is still being written so I haven't forgotten about this story. I plan to release it sometime this summer :)

Good weekend all,


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