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Hello everyone,

Dream Girls is pleased to announce the newly released subliminal programs and 1 new sledgehammer for men!

First the new sledgehammer, Self Mind Control remastered for positive influence.

You may remember we released something like Self Mind Control sometime in the past but we pulled it because we didn't like the way it was heading!

However Self Mind Control is reborn as a sledgehammer a program that will help you easily control your inner thoughts.  And project a positive image of yourself.

And now we have a three some program for training the girlfriend, wife and slave girl.

My Decision Maker Boyfriend - Subliminal

My Decision Maker Husband - Subliminal

My Decision Maker Master - Subliminal

If she listens to this subliminal program she'll come to accept you as her decision maker. Letting you make all of her decisions for you.

These new subliminal programs will be released for Gold Members only for a limited time for beta testing!

And now, what we've been working on since December last year is Dream Girls first Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis Relaxation - BETA

Self-Hypnosis Relaxation, is still in the works but when released we will select a trusted few from the Gold Members area to help test this program.  And yes the idea of this program is about enslavement.

Oh yes, remember to fight back the, CISPA bill is just creepy. Just think if the US Gov gets away passing this bill next they'll want to put cameras in are bath rooms lol

Fight back!

Keep warm,


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