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Hello everyone,

As some of you already know from visiting the Dream Girls site we've completed the updates to Dream Girls new look. And combined Silver and Gold together as a whole new membership calling it Prime.

Prime will still offer the same features as if it were still Silver and Gold.

Now it's going to cost the same as if someone purchased Silver or Gold to be fair for those who already invested in these Memberships.

And we will have an upgrade from Silver to Prime for those who haven't bought a Gold membership in the past from Dream Girls.

As for Platinum it will be renamed, Self-Hypnosis Membership same price as before.


Dream Girls Prime Membership

Dream Girls Self-Hypnosis Membership

Two Dream Girls memberships we will be offering with added new features and upgrades to existing...

Forum upgrades are underway and new features Subliminal Uploads, Messages coming soon to Dream Girls.

As I stated in one of my earlier updates Subliminal Uploads will come first following Messages.  We plan to tie Messages into the forum but messages is on hold due to a setback.

The forum software right now is to complex so where rebuilding it to fit the needs of Dream Girls and it's users.  My web designer and I are taking this slow it can be done right the first time.

All keep you all posted as Dream Girls moves forward.

Good day,


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