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Hello everyone,

Recently I added two new categories and released four new Subliminal MP3 programs to the Dream Girls download directory for Gold members. We recorded these Subliminal MP3 programs using Courtney, our new and improved text-to-speech voice. Courtney is an upgraded version of Amber.

What we have for the two new categories is:

Sexual Subliminal Programs

Sissy Subliminal Programs

And with the following Subliminal MP3 program releases:

1. I am a Sex Doll - Subliminal
While listening to this subliminal program, she will learn to refocus her thoughts and behavior on wanting to become a submissive sex doll, a plaything for you...

2. I am a Sex Slave - Subliminal
This subliminal program will assist you in training nearly any girl in wanting to become a willing sex slave, and she will learn to embrace her submissive desires for you...

3. I am a Sissy Girl - Subliminal
Using this subliminal program it will enforce the submissive desires and the ideals of wanting to become a sissy girl...

4. Becoming a Sissy Maid - Subliminal
While listening to this subliminal program, she will learn to perform as a sissy maid and accept the responsibilities of becoming a successful housekeeper...

Each of these Subliminal MP3 programs was, recorded using Courtney, a new realistic feminine text-to-speech voice.

The ‘Courtney Text to Speech App’ will be available to all Gold members in 2024 or sooner for live beta testing!  We are still developing the new web interface platform to support Courtney’s further programming.

I was going to release Courtney this year in 2023, but working with my programmers on this, we have had some setbacks and need to take our time.

However, the Linux desktop version of Courtney works nicely. If you want to listen to a sample of Courtney's feminine voice go to.

We are making progress and will be moving forward,


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